Fri Jun 24 2011
Has anyone made a rice bran feeder. right now i'm just pouring a 40# bag and put the lid on the can and chained it to a tree so deer can push . nice feeder! gonna be a bunch of good homeade feeders showing up in

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He explained to me that rice bran was the by-product of harvested rice however, because this feeder sits on the ground and more game than just deer have

Palermo outdoors has put a new type of deer feeder on the market. the feeder is the first of its kind. the automatic rice bran feeder was

Rice bran has a 20% fat content and its the best wild deer i'm looking for a rice bran feeder. does anyone know where i can find one?

Palermo outdoors automatic rice bran feeder recognizes that rice bran produces results. using rice bran feed results in the production of a healthier deer
Soybeans, alfalfa, rice bran, acorns and oats are all viable options that will work in most feeders. commercial deer feed will often contain a mix of these
Soybeans for deer feeds there are very few alternatives of warm-season forage for soybeans for deer, you can still attract deer by placing a homemade deer feeder corns, rice bran, alfalfa, oats and acorns in the deer food plot.
Feb 7, 2009 a growing number of arkansas deer pursuers are using rice bran as so it isn' t readily adaptable for automatic broadcast feeders – the

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