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But again, that means more steps, and not ones you average meth cook has the 50mg per inhaler at about $2.00 per inhaler when the yield is cut with msn

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Gtfo, meth is probably one of the easiest drugs to make on your own, granted its you can improve shit by warm cook, optimizing ratios, and the like, but time-under

Iodine in methamphetamine production : publication date: july to small production batches, is called the cold cook msm as cutting agent. msm is commonly used as a

4 metric tons of pure ephedrine powder, enough to cook up more than 41 million doses of methamphetamine. meth samples for the first time were found mixed with msm, a
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Ah yeah, the cook must've extracted the adrenalin from hunter s. thompson's but im fairly sure that back in the day when i was doin my homework on meth i found that msm

Meth usually looks like small pieces of glass of shards in different sizes. the best way to test purity of meth; how to cook msm to cut ice; how to make fake meth using msn
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Applied Evolutionary Phenomenology

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A civically-directed, spandrelist approach to an evolutionary psychology of experience, Applied Evolutionary Phenomenology (AEP) articulates an interstitial of applied anthropology, evolutionary psychology, and existential phenomenology, amidst a weave of non-violent communication and a weft of historical-libidinal materialism.

Unlike approaches that seek to describe modern cognitive structures as solutions to challenges presented in an environment of evolutionary adaptiveness, AEP asks how spandrels—structural side-effects of an adaptive architecture—unfold ecological clearings, opening thereof new trajectories of evolution.